This is our Mondays

Our Mondays are like this

We start every day with a 10-minute group meditation.
 This is not a random thing. We do it because creativity is a key part of our activity.

Our Mondays are just like any other days - always different: challenges that are never the same, highly diverse sectors, amazing countries and cultures. And, most importantly, unique clients with whom we have good chemistry.

But, ironically, we always do the same: working with these change makers, we 'compose scores' that will end up being brain-pleasing for their customers./p>

Brain-Pleasing Marketing projects

>   Conceptualising a brand so it is brain- pleasing.

>   Developing or redefining a product or service so it becomes a gratifying solution.

>   Designing a brain-pleasing customer experience.

>   Formulating an innovative OnOff retail concept.

>   Internal teams learning how to use Brain- pleasing Marketing on their various projects.


Our standard process, now 100% remotely

This is our standard schedule, which will then be customised to fit the requirements of each specific project.

Co-creating remotely?

100% creativity guaranteed.

We are really excited! We have converted the interactive face-to-face process we use to follow to a ‘100% remotely’ format, achieving the same level, or an even higher level, of efficacy and creativity.

Interacting with our project team – co-creating the ‘score’ with them – is essential to succeed in meeting the challenge.

And now, with a combination of 3 simultaneous computer programmes, we are able to achieve an outcome that is just as creative, or even more creative, than when we were meeting face to face.

Incredible, but completely true!
… And without any travel expenses!

Creativity guaranteed
nuestras garantias compromiso y promesa para los clientes

Our guarantees

We guarantee that remotely done project outcomes will be just as satisfying, or even more satisfying, than face-to-face ones, achieving a seamless, fun and engaging dynamic. And of course, fruitful.
We guarantee complete client satisfaction with each phase of the project. Otherwise, we will return fees for that phase, until up to a month from completion.
We guarantee not to work simultaneously for our client’s competitors.
We guarantee not to receive any third-party (advertising agencies, architects, technology experts...) commissions or incentives. That will ensure our impartiality when observing how they 'play their score'.