14 Testimonials

Lluis and m+f=! have been pure energy for LafargeHolcim’s teams. Passionate and genuine expert in retail modernization, the hours spent together have been real open minder and step changer for our retail strategy. The contents shared, but also the way to do it are the m+f=! unique value proposition to the market.

Fabio Dallan

Heath of Growth and Innovation Europa LafargeHolcim

Lluís is passionate about brands and passionate about customers. And he truly knows how to communicate his passion. Working with Lluís, the Sonae MC’s employees have been able to understand a better purpose of what they do. As a result, we have been able to achieve quite remarkable performances. Thank you, Lluís, for all we are learning from you and for your permanent smile, that makes our life more meaningful.

Jose Fortunato

Director Operaçoes y Marketing Sonae Modelo Continente Portugal

Lluís, Carla and the rest of their team will encourage you to show the soul that we put in what we do and will demonstrate that it does not seem strange to your clients but, contrarily, they appreciate it and get closer. An unforgettable experience that will change forever the way you expose yourself to others.

Gonzalo Reverter

Commercial Director Infectology Abbvie

I have known Lluís and his m+f=! team for many years, and one of the things that have never ceased to amaze me is their ability to inspire in their projects and to approach them in a creative and innovate manner each and every time. It is clear that these elements are part of their DNA, always maximising customer and consumer satisfaction.

Xavier Torras

Corporate Brand and Communication Director Roca

Working with Lluis and his team is a reward in itself. They encourage you to think differently so as to find the soul of the products you work with, and to transform brands into emotions.

Manel Vera

Ex-Global Marketing Director Laboratorios Ferrer

Lluís is simply INSPIRING. He conveys a business and customer vision based on emotions and feelings that makes you reflect and does not leave you feeling indifferent. What I learned with him has been present throughout my professional journey. A great communicator, a wonderful person, always a big smile on his face, he infects you with his passion with great ease. Listening to him is a treat, he will have won you over forever with just a short conversation!

María Aguilera Jimenez

General Business Director Coviran

If you want to be up date in retail industry, if you want to apply marketing from an always innovative, fresh, optimistic and inspiring perspective, the formula is m+f =!

Jordi Fontcuberta

Managing Director General Ópticas

Lluís, Rosa and their fantastic team are an endless source of inspirational ideas. Knowing them and working with them is a real joy.

Javier Amézaga Salazar

General Director Eroski Soc. Coop.

I can think of a few phrases that express my way of understanding life, and which coincide with your way of working. For example: The biggest barrier to us realising our dreams is our fear of failure. When you are able to laugh at yourself, you’re closer to happiness. Let’s laugh today and make 400 muscles work.

Esteve Farrero

Ex-CEO Sara Lee - Marcilla

Working with m+f=!, our brands have a better understanding of how our customers make decisions.

Mario Rovirosa

CEO Laboratorios Ferrer

Lluís is a  true leader, both personally and professionally. Whenever I recall the projects we have co-created with m+f=!, I always think: What better headlight to guide you on your journey? One of the things I would highlight about the m+f=! team is their positive attitude: you always manage to steal a smile from me when you send me yours!

Artur Yuste

CEO Ignacio de las cuevas SA

Envarsus marketing team together with m+f=! has applied brain-pleasing marketing strategy since its launch in Spain. Envarsus launch in Spain was recognized as one of Top 10 Launches in Spain 2016 (hmR Research, Brand Prescription Market). The team has been recognized for 3 consecutive years with the best marketing plan Chiesi worldwide award. The project derived from the strategy has also been awarded as the Best Chiesi Brand Awareness project worldwide. At Chiesi Spain we are happy and proud of applying the neuromarketing approach to our strategy and achieving the results derived. Thanks to m+f=! for accompany us along that way.

Claudia Roca & Ricardo Castrillo

Product Manager & Ex-Special Care Business Director Chiesi Spain

“Tío Pepe is a leading brand, able to change the rules of the game in its category.”

That was what Lluís said when we worked together on a project. We took note of his words and that gave us the courage to be innovative in a rather traditional market.
As a result, our product gained value.
Other brands followed our lead, which made us feel very proud.

Eugeni Brotons

Marketing Director Gonzalez Byass S.A.

Having Lluís as a Key Note Speaker at our International Retail Conference, Peru’s most important retail event – with more than 800 executives from the sector – was a memorable experience. We are extremely satisfied with Lluís’s participation and with his content regarding m-commerce and Neuroscience applied to the customer experience. His style is very approachable, and he made a very quick connection with his audience. We would definitely have Lluís again at our future business events, without hesitation.

Alexandra Romero

Content Manager SEMINARIUM Perú

Some awards

The smiles of our clients at the end of the project are the best awards for us. However, we have also been rewarded with other public recognitions.
  • 2018. Gimnàs de la Visió

    This innovative project created by Federoptics Roure, and with the help of m+f=!, was awarded the Premi Talent d'Innovació in the commerce category. Gimnàs de la Visió (Vision Gym) is committed to scientific rigor in its service and has a strong focus on improving customers’ lives.

  • 2018. Chiesi Spain - Envarsus

    Envarsus marketing team has been recognized for 3 consecutive years with the best marketing plan Chiesi worldwide award.
    The team together with m+f=! has applied brain-pleasing marketing strategy since its launch in Spain.

  • Ferrer Trinomia Aspid
    2018. Laboratorios Ferrer - Trinomia

    Trinomia’s Brand Book “The stories behind the story” was awarded with the Silver Aspid Award. Aligned with the neuromarketing strategy catalised by m+f=!, this Brand Book defines Trinomia’s brand sense.

  • Abbvie España mejor equipo del mundo para Humira Hidradenitis
    2016. Abbvie España

    This team was recognised as the best in the world for its launch of Humira for HS (hidradenitis suppurativa), a project in which m+f=! took part.

  • Boehringer Ingelheim Lilly estrategia marketing diabetes
    2015. Boehringer Ingelheim

    The alliance Boehringer Ingelheim - Lilly awarded the first international prize to a marketing strategy for diabetes in which m+f=! participated as a catalyst.

  • tienda Victorio&Lucchino Men EuroShop RetailDesign Awards
    2014. Victorio&Lucchino

    The Victorio&Lucchino Men project we worked on was a finalist at the EuroShop RetailDesign Awards.

  • Lluis Martinez-Ribes experto innovacion retail Comision Europea
    2013. Lluis Martínez-Ribes

    Was selected as a "Retail Innovation Expert" by the European Commission.

  • Marron Glace Alma de Bosque premio plata Best Pack Alimentaria
    2012. Grupo Cuevas - Marrón Glacé

    The 'Alma de Bosque' concept, catalysed by m+f=!, inspired the new Grupo Cuevas Marron Glacé packaging and received the Silver Award at Alimentaria's 'Best Pack' in Spain awards.

  • the best of spain ESOMAR World Association Marketing Research
    2011. ESOMAR

    ESOMAR (World Association of Marketing Research) recognised us as one of the best three marketing specialists in Spain.

  • supermercado Aqui e premio Retail tienda innovadora World Retail Congress
    2009. Aqui é

    This supermarket, managed by Grupo Cuevas and based on a philosophy of contemporaneity, was a finalist in the Retail Innovation category at the World Retail Congress, and considered one of the six most innovative stores in the world.

  • m+f=! Rosa Franch Premio Funde empresa innovadora dirigida mujer
    2009. m+f=!, premio Funde

    That year, we also won the Funde Award to the most innovative company led by a woman (Rosa Franch). We are extremely proud of this award.

  • sunka modelo supermercado del futuro en feria Alimentaria
    2008. Sunka

    Our Sunka project, developed a few years earlier and based on its Es tiempo de vivir ('It's time for living') slogan, was regarded by TNS as the model for the supermarket of the future at the Alimentaria international fair.

  • Smuack Lleida estrategia de City Marketing Turisme de Lleida
    2004. Smuack Lleida

    We won Spain's City Marketing award for the best strategy thanks to our project with Turisme de Lleida, in which we channelled the city's 'Smuack Lleida' promotional campaign.

  • supermercado SUPSA premio mundial marketing electronico
    1999. SUPSA

    This supermarket chain, with its closeness to the customer approach, won the Global Electronic Marketing Award.