Aquí é

Neighbourhood supermarket

Brand : Aqui é supermarket
Client : Grupo Cuevas
Place : Ourense, Galicia, Spain


Reinventing the ‘local supermarket’.

Changing the ‘doing the shopping’ concept.





Doing the shopping is tedious and repetitive.



Reducing the boredom of such a repetitive task.



Providing customers with a daily menu that is always different and offers several options.

Including recipes and their ingredients, or ready meals, if preferred.

In collaboration with a team of nutritionists from the University of Vigo, Spain, a daily menu system with recipes based on local ingredients was prepared, each including the pre-cooked option.

For its demonstration, a special section,“QFH” Que Facemos Hoxe (‘What shall we make today’), was designed for the display of the daily menu products.

The shop was organised into three different areas:

A fast area for everything needed for the day menu.

An area for buying the ‘most appealing’ products, many of which were fresh products.

An area for replenishment shopping products.

A single-queue system directed to different tills was put in place.

Promotional posters were removed from the shop.

Some attractive and poetic design elements were added.


Standard areas QFH-branded area
 Range Standard range What we need for today
 Depth of range  Shop-size dependent Only what needed for the menu
 Physical space 95 % 5 %
 Tone Positive Ephemeral
 Price Competitive Good price
 Special offers Rarely Always
 Services Standard What a surprise!


Experiencing that doing the shopping can be surprisingly pleasant.
A shopping experience that is always different, as well as quicker, and in a relaxing and inspiring environment where you never feel pressured.

 The results were impressive, particularly bearing in mind that it was at the height of recession: on average, the daily number of customers reached 1,250 (in a small city with just 110,000 inhabitants). And, most importantly, sales increased by 23% above an optimistic projection.


We work as a team with great specialists.

At m+f=!, we come up with the initial concept and we then guide its implementation. Our partners were:

  • Alcántara&Partners SL: corporate identity.
  • Jos de Vries: shop structure development and implementation.
  • Garrofé Brand & Pack: communication agency.
  • Microlights: lighting.


One of the 6 world finalists at the World Retail Awards.

Category: ‘Most innovative project in distribution’

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