IKEA launches a new urban retail concept in Paris

IKEA has recently opened (on May 6th) a new store in central Paris. This confirms what we have seen lately: the Swedish brand is reinventing itself. And, in order to do so, it has had to step outside its comfort zone.

IKEA is moving away from city-outskirt locations and into city centres with the aim of adapting to the lifestyle of its customers. In the case of the new store in the French capital, it has created a new urban retail concept based on the lifestyle of the people living in Paris. 

It becomes obvious that the Parisians profile is very different from the profile of people living outside the city or the rest of France. There are various significative aspects that distinguish Parisians from other French people (for example, they live in quite small apartments but housing prices are very high, most of them are rent contracts, only a very small percentage of people own a car, every time there is less people living in one home and every time there are less homes with children, among other things).

IKEA La Madeleine (it is called like this because it is located just next to the well-known Madeleine Church, very close to the Concorde Square) wants to be a ‘mirror store’ in which the Parisians feel like home. To this end, at the moment of conceptualising the store, other aspects -beyond the objective ones- were taken into consideration. Thus, the IKEA France team involved in this task, tried to capture people’s approach and attitudes towards everyday life in this city.

Lluis Martinez-Ribes, co-founder and partner of m+f=!, has done an interpretation of this store. You can read the complete text on his LinkedIn article.

How to deal with time-poverty: a challenge in today’s society


Life today is characterised by an extreme busyness. It is very common to hear people saying: ‘I’ve got no time’, or ‘I wish a day had 25 hours’. Many people have a long list of articles to read or places they would love to visit, but they just don’t find the time to do it.

Time-poverty is a phenomenon of modern times. The past generations didn’t probably struggle with it to the same extent as society today. The amount of things to do increases constantly, yet, the days still have the same 24 hours. It is impossible to do everything. This tension results in great anxiety.

While the amount of detected fruitful opportunities is growing exponentially, the anxiety grows in parallel. As a result, a chronic time anxiety appears due to the inner feeling that this issue can’t be fixed and tomorrow life is going to be ‘noisier’ than today, because more fruitful opportunities will be detected. 

However, there are some things that can be done to reduce this anxiety. In the article published on Forbes, Lluis Martinez-Ribes —co-founder and partner of m+f=!— shares some methods to deal with time pressure and stress in today’s time-poor society. 

You can read the full text here.